Thursday, January 31, 2013

WJR Radio interview with Joumana Kayrouz; Highlights and podcast

WJR Radio interview with Joumana Kayrouz; Highlights and podcast

Joumana Kayrouz did a great enlightening interview with Jack Krasula on his radio Show "Anything is Possible" Sunday night on WJR AM 760.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

"I grew up in a very Christian home where Christian values were exercised. I am the youngest of four children, with three older brothers," Kayrouz told Krasula, noting that she and her three brothers all have doctor degrees.
"That was part of the fuel for my success when I wanted to prove my mom wrong, who told me about my brothers and I said I will show you. I am going to out-do my three brothers."

Kayrouz holds a Masters Degree in Ethics from Yale University, and a JD Degree from Wayne State University. She revealed she originally wanted to be a medical doctor and had been accepted top medical school when she decided to change to a career in law.

Kayrouz noted she grew up in "a very loving environment." She praised her mother for her hard work to raise the four children while her father served in the army.

"My mother had a lot of wisdom and knew what she was doing. And she managed to raise four doctors," Kayrouz remembered.

"I had heard of something called the American Dream. I brought a vision of that with me here and I tried to live it. This land is truly, Jack, the land of opportunities. How far you go is up to you. How little you travel is up to you. In this beautiful blessed country, you have no excuses not to succeed."

Kayrouz said that she always wanted to be a doctor but changed in part because family and friends would constantly tell her that she was good at debate and discourse.

"Since I was a young girl, people would say I should go into law. You are very argumentative, and very persuasive and you tire us out," she said.

"Seeing the power of the law her to make humanity better and make things better for people, I think what I was meant to do was to become a lawyer.
And I have never regretted it. Never," Kayrouz said.

You can listen to the full 37 minute radio interview with Joumana Kayrouz by clicking here.

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