Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Joumana Kayrouz attends Ficano State of County Speech

Joumana Kayrouz attends Ficano State of County Speech

Prominent Michigan Accident Attorney Joumana Kayrouz was invited to attend the 11th State of the County Speech by Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano Monday night in which he offered a sobering overview of the county’s financial and governmental challenges.

Kayrouz said that Ficano offered a frank assessment of the obstacles his government has faced and called on regional leaders to help overcome the obstacles, including a gun buyback program that Ficano said he hoped will help reduce crime.

“I appreciate that Executive Ficano was explicitly candid about the challenges that face our county. It was important that he do so,” Kayrouz said after the presentation.

“The bottom line is that regardless of who is responsible for Wayne County’s troubles, and all of the controversy, it is the people of Wayne county that are most important and we must all work together to overcome the challenges and achieve the change that Ficano expressed is his mandate. It is up to leaders like myself and others to work with the people of Wayne County to ensure progress and success in overcoming the past problems. We need to work as a team for the benefit of our county.”

Ficano said everyone was saddened by the recent horrific shootings of children in Connecticut and elsewhere, noting he is working to expand programs addressing mental health and substance abuse among young people in the court system. He said he would use Medicaid funding.

Ficano offered a dire prediction of budget challenges including losing 30% of its property tax revenue since 2008 with $100 million less in revenues. He said he did not expect the county to return to pre-2008 revenue levels until 2025.

Ficano was upbeat acknowledging several scandals that have plagued his administration in recent years, but defended his actions and acknowledged “lessons have been learned by all” and repeating what he said last year, “I’m not a quitter, I’m a fighter.”

Kayrouz said his most inspiring comment was when he said that the choice for residents of Wayne County is simple, to act to bring change or to sit back and hope for things to change. Ficano promised that he would act. Ficano said, and I agree, “Hope is not a plan.”


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